Shoto UK In The Lab #5 – Drum and Bass Podcast

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Shoto UK hitting you with those Drum and Bass Flavours

In The Lab #05 showcasing new upcoming DnB in the scene


In The Lab #05 Shotto UK
Shoto In The Lab #05 Available on Mixcloud


A bit about In The Lab Series

We have featured North West, Manchester based Drum and Bass artist Shoto in an old post, who loves his rollers and dark drum and bass beats. Since then he’s started up a newer more traditional podcast type of show focusing not on the mixing itself but rather the introduction of new upcoming music from both established and newcomers to the drum and bass scene.

Shoto himself has kindly covered a few of our own artists productions over the previous few shows and also in the current episode. You can hear music from an array of dnb artists from Dub Physix & Strategy, Arbee with his killer bootleg of Beautiful Killer, Monty, Optimal Prime & Mavamatics, Kryten and many others, while Shoto takes you through what he likes about each one. Check into this one if you get the chance.

Rollers, liquid dnb, neurofunk, jungle and more can be found in the show. Take a listen and support Shoto.

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Shoto in the Mix – Deep & Dark Drum & Bass Mixcast – April 2018

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Shoto - Drum & Bass Music

SHOTO Mixcast April 2018 – Deep & Dark Drum & Bass

Shoto is all about his breaks, depth, deep and dark powerful energy in the world of DnB

As we take a look at the new mix from DJ/Producer Shoto, you’ll get to hear not only some of his favourite heavy hitters in the DnB scene of the last few months,
but also get a glimpse into what’s due out in the near future on Seismic Theory. For now we’ll not mention anything further, but expect more news on that soon.

It has been a while since Shoto was back on his mix game and this new April 2018 Drum & Bass mix marks his first this year, but what a set this one is. Bringing music
from the clutches of North West UK – Manchester and to the masses along with an explosive hard hitting roster of music from around the scene elsewhere, we can
promise that you won’t be disappointed.

Shoto Mixcast April 2018 Tracklist

1. Optimal Prime & Mavamatics & MC Longman – Hypnosis (Seismic Theory)
2. Survival & Script – Sahara (Dispatch)
3. Total Science/Hydro & War – Denial (C.I.A.)
4. DLR & Quadrant – Ghostfish (Sofa Sound)
5. Yung-E – All The Way (Nurtured Beatz)
6. Halogenix And Monty – Old Town (Critical Music)
7. QZB – Apollo (System)
8. Urbicide – Lonely (Nurtured Beatz)
9. Total Science/Hydro & War – Straight G (C.I.A.)
10. Mavamatics & MC Longman – Existence feat. MC Longman (Seismic Theory)
11. Nian Dub & Semiotix – Typhon (TA Recordings)
12. Shoto – Maintain (Critical Bass Recordings)
13. Droma – Resonate (Nurtured Beatz)
14. The Upbeats – Oddity (Critical Music)
15. Dom Hz – Tonight (Aufect Recordings)
16. Dubbul O & Pro P – Gimme Dat (Dom Hz Remix)(Room 2 Records)
17. Shyun – ZigZag (Systems)
18. Phentix And Signal – Informer (Xtrah Remix) (Cyberfunk)
19. Tycaine & Meecha – Immortal Soul (TA Recordings)


Keep the music alive – enjoy the mix.
Drum & Bass – Deep DnB – Dark DnB – DnB 2018

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Joe Ford – Colours In Sound [LP Mix]

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Joe Ford Album Colours in Sound

A Peak at Joe Ford’s New Album LP

Mixing with colours truly describes what this album is all about when you listen to the amazing Joe Ford album LP
mix which contains a whole mix set of what to expect from the full deal over on Shogun Audio. What’s more is that
Coours in Sound is now available to purchase on LP vinyl, featuring a total of 13 colourful electronic tracks, mostly
drum & bass but with the occasional 4/4 tune to keep it a little diverse.

What makes Joe Ford stand out are the amazing uses of melodies and fizzy, synthy textures which just fizzle and
pop out in the mix. There’s never a dull moment when listening to his back catalogue and this new LP is no exception.
We at Seismic Theory believe Colours In Sound is worthy of a spot on our blog so get listening.

Tune in below to hear the complete roster of tracks on the Joe Ford album. The track list is as follows.

  1. Joe Ford – Where Is The Sun
  2. Joe Ford & Memtrix – Out Of Place
  3. Joe Ford & Document One – Care For Me
  4. Joe Ford – SaidJoe Ford – Cosine
  5. Joe Ford – Master This
  6. Joe Ford – Standing On The Shoulders of Giants
  7. Joe Ford & Koven – Made of Glass
  8. Joe Ford – Adrenaline ft. Hacktivist
  9. Joe Ford – Guess What
  10. Joe Ford – Tomb Raver
  11. Joe Ford – Take The Lead
  12. Joe Ford – Enemy

Colours In Sound Promotional Mix Below

Joe Ford Album Sampler from Shogun Audio

We endeavour to push and promote quality drum and bass content that we feel is worth checking out and will continue to
support others in the dnb scene around the world, so make sure you keep a look out on our site to see regular mixes and
articles featuring other artists out there.

Seismic Theory, pushing, promoting and showcasing the best in drum & bass.

Enjoy the music.

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Liquid DNB – Girl On Girl (Mixcast)

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Facedee Presents Girl on Girl – Pure Liquid DnB

Supporting more quality mix sets, here’s a new luscious female vocal liquid dnb set from Facedee,

Furthermore, this all-female vocal encompassing drum & bass mix adds a new unique touch to the mix and is great to sit and relax to.

So sit back and tune into music from the following legends of DNB

Hybrid Minds, Keeno, Lenzman, The Vanguard Project, Tokyo Prose, LSB, Cosmology, Bailey, ILL Truth, Flat T, Technimatic and many more.

Of course, you can also find many more mixes from this artist on their own Mixcloud page by visiting the link below.

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