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Manchester Based Duo Optimal Prime Now on Seismic Theory

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Seismic Theory present the Manchester based duo “Scott Dacey & Andrew Melling” aka “Hushcat & Mutiman” and collaboratively known by their psuedonym Optimal Prime, have both been crafting away at their skills around bass music production since 2012 when their brief decision to try out Dubstep was quickly re-focused and honed into the fast-paced genre that is Drum & Bass. It wasn’t long into this endeavour that Dub Cutz, (their DnB mix/talk show) was born featuring a plethora of new music from within the industry and around the world. Since the start, the show continues to push on and will often contain many hidden gems never released or showcased on their own Soundcloud channel. 

These UK DnB artists have previous music releases on American based label Higher Level Industries featured on an EP with New York’s own Pish Posh and have also appeared on UK label Red Alfa. After biding their time, fine tuning their products, Seismic Theory was born and represents a fresh upcoming solid platform to showcase some of their finest productions to date.  

“Drum & Bass is an amazing and diverse genre with so many elements from outside styles being present and making what it has become in this day and age. That’s part of the fascination with this challenging but rewarding form of music and so we tend to study and try out a broader range of styles within the DnB spectrum. We were initially drawn to upbeat liquid and dancefloor tracks, particularly in the earlier days of Optimal Prime’s inception, however since then we have become highly influenced from many of the other subgenres including deeper, techier and breaky forms which are particularly popular in our local area of Manchester at the moment. As long as they have an organic sound and move people with new and innovative sounds, then we’ll continue experimenting and trying out different things.” 

You can listen to their drum & bass show Dub Cutz and listen to more of their tracks over on Optimal Prime’s Soundcloud page found in the link below. Expect to hear a lot more on Seismic Theory in the future from upcoming artist Optimal Prime. 

Optimal Prime

Additionally, if you wish to find out more about what Optimal Prime get up to and follow their music and mixes first hand, then check out their links below.

SOUNDCLOUD – http://www.soundcloud.com/optimalprime

TWITTER – http://www.twitter.com/optimalprimednb

FACEBOOK – http://www.facebook.com/optimalprimednb

INSTAGRAM – http://www.instagram.com/multiman89

MIXCLOUD – https://www.mixcloud.com/OptimalPrime/

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