Optimal Prime Presents Dub Cutz Vol 23 – With Guest Mix from Mavamatics [Essential Drum & Bass Mixcast]

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Optimal Prime are back with another Dub Cutz studio mix with special guest Mavamatics

Hosted by Hushcat, Multiman & Mavamatics himself.

Optimal Prime Presents.. Dub Cutz Vol 23 with guest mix from Mavamatics [Drum & Bass Mixcast]


As the closure approaches to the full release date of our first EP “Hypersleep”, we felt that now was a good time to feature the whole EP within a mix of our own, in addition we also felt that Mavamatics should be a part of this new Dub Cutz Drum & Bass show with his own guest mix considering he’s part collaborating artist on the upcoming release. Therefore Dub Cutz 23 marks the second time Optimal Prime have featured a special guest mix following on from the main show itself and what a show this has become.

What’s in the show?

For the first 60 minutes, Optimal Prime deliver a studio set with 17 brand new drum & bass tracks over the past few months including an opening with the main lead track from Hyersleep “Hypnosis feat Mc Longman” and later the edgy Escape Plan track. Following on from this show, Mavamatics mixes things up with a darker and deeper tone and includes his own track Kodachi released last year on Dark Arts, then later his upcoming track Existence feat. Mc Longman.



Tracklist – Optimal Prime Mix [60 mins]

1. Optimal Prime & Mavamatics – Hypnosis feat. Mc Longman [Seismic Theory] 2. No Humansound – 100 Rooms (Original Mix) [Blackhill Production] 3. Critical Impact – Green Goddess [unreleased] 4. Underspawn – Gripped In [Delta 9 Recordings] 5. DLR & Script – Electronic Heroin [Sofa Sound] 6. HLZ – Funk O’ Clock [Dispatch Recordings] 7. Revaux – Colours (Original Mix) [Lifestyle] 8. Rune & Kaiza – Dash (Sensus Remix) [T3K] 9. Seereal – Whisky Romeo [Impact Music] 10. Calyx & Teebee – Intravenous [RAM] 11. Joe Ford – Cosine [Shogun Audio] 12. Optimal Prime – Escape Plan [Seismic Theory] 13. Cyantific – Welcome to the Future [Rampage Records] 14. Mefjus – Muskox [Vision Recordings] 15. Icicle & Proxima – Outer Planes feat. Ben Verse [Entropy Music] 16. Apex – Echoes (Original) [Hospital Records] 17. Kyrad – Prospects of Oblivion [Evolution Chamber]

Guest Mix – Mavamatics [30 mins]

1. Mavamatics – Kodachi [Dark Arts] 2. Wingz & Nester – Shallow [Music Squad] 3. Ewol – Amnesia [Free Track] 4. Fre4knc – Red Shadow [Invisible] 5. Enei and Kasra – Transmitter (feat. Jakes) [Critical Music] 6. Bungle – Cocooned [ThirtyOne Recordings] 7. Black Barrel – Still Warm [Sofa Sound] 8. Mavamatics – Existence feat. Mc Longman [Seismic Theory] 9. Amoss – Fathom [Free Track] 10. Mefjus – Sinkhole [Vision Recordings] 11. Jubei – Tip the Scales feat. DRS [Metalheadz] 12. Monty – Magma [1985 Music]

[Length] 1:32:05 – [File Size] 210Mb [Bit Rate] 320kbps [Downloadable] Yes
Enjoy the music and keep the love and support flowing. Until Next time

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Hypersleep EP : Optimal Prime & Mavamatics feat. Mc Longman (now you’ve heard our music in the Dub Cutz mix, here’s further information on the new release if you’re interested. All support appreciated)

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