Shoto UK In The Lab #5 – Drum and Bass Podcast

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Shoto UK hitting you with those Drum and Bass Flavours

In The Lab #05 showcasing new upcoming DnB in the scene


In The Lab #05 Shotto UK
Shoto In The Lab #05 Available on Mixcloud


A bit about In The Lab Series

We have featured North West, Manchester based Drum and Bass artist Shoto in an old post, who loves his rollers and dark drum and bass beats. Since then he’s started up a newer more traditional podcast type of show focusing not on the mixing itself but rather the introduction of new upcoming music from both established and newcomers to the drum and bass scene.

Shoto himself has kindly covered a few of our own artists productions over the previous few shows and also in the current episode. You can hear music from an array of dnb artists from Dub Physix & Strategy, Arbee with his killer bootleg of Beautiful Killer, Monty, Optimal Prime & Mavamatics, Kryten and many others, while Shoto takes you through what he likes about each one. Check into this one if you get the chance.

Rollers, liquid dnb, neurofunk, jungle and more can be found in the show. Take a listen and support Shoto.

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