Joe Ford – Colours In Sound [LP Mix]

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Joe Ford Album Colours in Sound

A Peak at Joe Ford’s New Album LP

Mixing with colours truly describes what this album is all about when you listen to the amazing Joe Ford album LP
mix which contains a whole mix set of what to expect from the full deal over on Shogun Audio. What’s more is that
Coours in Sound is now available to purchase on LP vinyl, featuring a total of 13 colourful electronic tracks, mostly
drum & bass but with the occasional 4/4 tune to keep it a little diverse.

What makes Joe Ford stand out are the amazing uses of melodies and fizzy, synthy textures which just fizzle and
pop out in the mix. There’s never a dull moment when listening to his back catalogue and this new LP is no exception.
We at Seismic Theory believe Colours In Sound is worthy of a spot on our blog so get listening.

Tune in below to hear the complete roster of tracks on the Joe Ford album. The track list is as follows.

  1. Joe Ford – Where Is The Sun
  2. Joe Ford & Memtrix – Out Of Place
  3. Joe Ford & Document One – Care For Me
  4. Joe Ford – SaidJoe Ford – Cosine
  5. Joe Ford – Master This
  6. Joe Ford – Standing On The Shoulders of Giants
  7. Joe Ford & Koven – Made of Glass
  8. Joe Ford – Adrenaline ft. Hacktivist
  9. Joe Ford – Guess What
  10. Joe Ford – Tomb Raver
  11. Joe Ford – Take The Lead
  12. Joe Ford – Enemy

Colours In Sound Promotional Mix Below

Joe Ford Album Sampler from Shogun Audio

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Enjoy the music.

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