Optimal Prime Dub Cutz Vol 22 Out Now

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Optimal Prime Dub Cutz Podcast mix series has been running for approximately five years over on Soundcloud (primarily) featuring carefully chosen and expertly mixed fresh new drum & bass from around the world. They are known to mix it up and take you on a journey beginning with liquid dnb and slowly moving through the spectrum covering many sub-genre styles including minimal dnb, neurofunk, usually finishing quite deep and ambient to bring things down toward the end.

Here’s what Optimal Prime have to say about their newest mix with episode 22.

It’s that time again where we carve a journey through the depths of liquid, deep, edgy and generally a full spectrum of sounds in the world of drum & bass. Dub Cutz Vol 22 will hopefully deliver your bassy needs for the next couple of months, whether you love cruising along the highway while blasting the tunes in your car, or you pack a punch directly into your lugs with a set of buds while on a run, we hope you enjoy what is on offer in this new spectacular DnB mix.

This time round we have a couple of brand new unplayed exclusives of our own, beginning the set with Deadly Concerto, a musical number with an emphasis on breaky energy and brassy urban stabs along with some nice sounding live cello and violins. Later you’ll get to hear our first collab in a long time with Mavamatics for a track known as Hypnosis. This one, as the title represents, lures you into a trance as you’ll bob along with this contagious roller with a hauntingly smooth bassline and big sound. Allow its textures to get into your skin as well as your ears.

A couple of the tunes in here are available for free to grab if you wish and can be found in the links right at the bottom of the description. For now, enjoy the show and let us know how you feel in the comments section where we’ll give you a shout out in the next show to thank you for your support.

1. Optimal Prime – Deadly Concerto
2. Kubatko – Playing Tricks (Hospital Records) [Sick Music 2018 Compilation LP] 3. Logistics – FWD Feat. Pola & Bryson (Hospital Records)
4. SPY – Love Unlimited (VIP) (Hospital Records)
5. Hugh Hardie – Nightingale (Hospital Records)
6. Danny Byrd – Devil’s Drop (Hospital Records)
7. Impish – Rain (Hospital Records)
8. Revaux – Trainwreck (Lifestyle) [Colours & Trainwreck EP] 9. AKOV – Growing Pains (C4C Records) [Growing Pains EP] 10. AKOV – Hot Flush (C4C Records) [Growing Pains EP] 11. Blacksun Empire – Caterpillar Feat. Virus Syndicate (Drumsound & Bassline Smith Remix) Blackout Music [Blacksun Empire – The Wrong Room Remixed Album] 12. Whiney – Sleek (Hospital Records)
13. Optimal Prime & Mavamatics – Hypnosis (Original)
14. Villem – UNO (Horizons Music)
15. Skuff – New Tones (Original) (Ten Tons Deeper)
16. Xiris – Smoke Rings (Strange Occurences EP)
17. Dyrekt – Woofa (Fragmented Recordings) [Fragments Vol 3 Compilation] 18. King of the Rollers – Burnt Ends (Hospital Records)
19. OZ – Replacement (Co-Lab Records) [Abstract Pt 2 EP] 20. OZ – Stay (Co-Lab Records) {Abstract Pt 2 EP] 21. Kelela – Frontline (Heritage Bootleg) [Free Download] 22. Leinz – Piece of Mind (Soul Lab) Free Download
23. R-Monix – Don’t Leave (Soul Deep Recordings)
24. Mad Cap – Mind Adventures (Smooth N Groove Records) [Mind Adventures EP] 25. Fred V & Grafix – Hurricanes (Hospital Records)
26. Kyrad – Memories [TBC]

Xiris Free EP
Heritage Bootleg Free Track
Heritagednb – Kelela-frontline-heritage-bootleg-christmas-freebie

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Liquid DNB – Girl On Girl (Mixcast)

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Facedee Presents Girl on Girl – Pure Liquid DnB

Supporting more quality mix sets, here’s a new luscious female vocal liquid dnb set from Facedee,

Furthermore, this all-female vocal encompassing drum & bass mix adds a new unique touch to the mix and is great to sit and relax to.

So sit back and tune into music from the following legends of DNB

Hybrid Minds, Keeno, Lenzman, The Vanguard Project, Tokyo Prose, LSB, Cosmology, Bailey, ILL Truth, Flat T, Technimatic and many more.

Of course, you can also find many more mixes from this artist on their own Mixcloud page by visiting the link below.


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