Mankind Divided Promotional Music Video & Ghost in the Shell

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Mankind Divided Music Video – Optimal Prime & Mavamatics feat. MC Longman

Taken from a mish mash of a classic film…we’ll let you guess the one for now…OK then if you must know it’s Ghost in the Shell, the live adaptation featuring Scarlett Johanson, this video marries the both the track and carefully selected imagery from Ghost in the Shell to tell a story and share the energy of the track in an incredibly articulate way which fits so perfect. The world of GitS is a cyber punk futuristic environment with cybergenetic future humans and robots who oppose one another and so too is the fitting idea behind Mankind Divided.

“Originally the idea was to work with the classic animated Manga film from the mid 90’s, however upon seeing the scenes of the live action, we quickly realised how incredible, atmospheric and most importantly relevant the scenes were. We just had mix up the two ideas. One of the longest moments involved having to remove the credits from the introduction section of the film. We’d thought about leaving them in but didn’t want to it to be a distraction. We know this wasn’t entirely our own film and huge props to the original CG creators of the film (they are incredible), but we were very lucky to have figured out a way to magically remove the vast majority of the text using a feature in the software which is still pretty new. It wasn’t perfect but some trickery made it work as best as possible.”

We hope you like it and expect more of these kinds of videos in the future.


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Hypersleep Part Deux : Mankind Divided – Optimal Prime & Mavamatics ft. MC Longman

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Hypersleep Part Deux : Mankind Divided – Our Next DnB EP Release Unveiled

Almost two years since our previous Hypersleep EP release back in June 2018, Optimal Prime, Mavamatics and MC Longman have joined forces again to provide a new cutting edge Drum & Bass experience in the form of a sequel to the first – Hypersleep Part Deux : Mankind Divided. Unlike the headline track of Hypersleep EP, (which was deeper and almost hypnotic, pun intended), this second part takes us on a new journey emphasising techy neuro dancefloor vibes with an uplifting cinematic opening from the headline track and injects some real hard hitting energy. Hypersleep was all about being submerged into a deeper consciousness and Mankind Divided takes inspiration from the game Deux Ex : Mankind Divided, with it’s theme centered around cybernetic people and augmented bodyparts, with a story that looks into the separation and connection of man vs machine. “The focus on building a story has been important and we’ve created two tracks which complement one another well, make you want to move but are filled with a lot of depth”. The original EP has a message around life’s struggles and we’ve implemented a similar metaphor in the new EP which ironically resonates quite strongly in the current climate.


Hypersleep Part Deux : Mankind Divided EP
Hypersleep Part Deux : Mankind Divided Offical Artwork Optimal Prime, Mavamatics, MC Longman – Drum & Bass Music – DnB EP


What’s on the EP?

There are two tracks included with Mankind Divided kicking off on the A-Side which headlines this EP and System Shock, a follow up on the B-Side which is definitely not to be underestimated by any stretch. .

Mankind Divided is a collaborative effort between Optimal Prime & Mavamatics and features original vocals from previous Hypersleep vocalist talent MC Longman from Manchester. The A-Side was inspired originally from the videogame Deus Ex, where the initial chords played for the atmosphere during the birth of the track  (played at the beginning) were uncannily similar to the Mankind Divided title screen music. The idea was born from there and fully fleshed into its own thing, borrowing initial concepts and ideas but from scratch and building up a powerful cinematic intro (again inspired from the games) which fill the listener with a powerful set of emotions before leaning into the killer drop which packs a heavy driving and energetic dancefloor neuro style drum and bass punch. MC Longman complements the hype perfectly with his “waking up from hypersleep” vocals. The B-Side track is an Optimal Prime original also featuring more of MC Longman with a similar-esque vocal hype, and the track packs a lot of energy but had a spacey like feel and is heavily identified by it’s percussive breaks which push the main drop before settling into a lighter groove in the second half of the mains. The title, while being a play on some of the vocals in the track itself also belongs to another well known game of similar nature and historic credibility as Deus Ex, System Shock. Part Deux in the EP title was used rather than part 2 with the work Deux being a play on Deus Ex. Aside from that, it bloody looks great in the design.

Expect some high pressure energy and technical vibes from this one. We hope you like it.

Release Date

The EP will be released on all popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, Tidal, iTunes and other. In addition you can also purchase the EP in high quality from online music stores including Beatport and Juno.

Track List

  1. Optimal Prime & Mavamatics – Mankind Divided feat. MC Longman
  2. Optimal Prime – System Shock feat. MC Longman

This EP is OUT NOW and can be purchased from the following links: –

Juno Store

Beatport Store

Hypersleep EP Article Here’s a link to the original Hyper Sleep EP from 2018 if you’re curious.

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